Hats and Hoodies

One of my students tends to wear a hat often (a winter hat like you’d wear outside to stay warm). This seems to be, to the best of our ability to determine, an issue of anxiety. It’s not new. It is something that has happened for periods of time every year he’s been at our school. I’m sure we have a school rule or dress code addressing this and stating that he should not be wearing the hat. I can’t really figure out why. Of course, I question lots of dress code issues.

I’ve got other students who like to put their hoods up. Some of them just for fun, others because their hoods have ears or other decorations that look really fun when they’re up but not so much when they’re down. I’m not bothered by this either. As long as I can see the child’s face I think it’s fine.

I’m wondering how others feel about this. Does your school have rules against hats and hoods? Do you enforce them? Do you agree with them? What reasons do you see for them? I’m genuinely curious. I know that for many years I told kids to take off hats and put down hoods inside. It was this little friend, in kindergarten three years ago, who made me question that. Why did I care that he had a hat on? I realized I really didn’t care.

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  1. Tim Stahmer says:

    Many high schools ban wearing hoodies, and hats to a lesser degree, because of some vague connection to gangs. It’s part of a long tradition of attributing a certain kind of clothing to “anti-social” behavior. My sophomore year of high school in Alabama they tried to ban blue jeans for reasons I really can’t remember.

    It’s far better to try and understand the individual child than to generalize them based on the adult interpretation of a piece of clothing.

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