Feeling Blessed

We have more than two weeks off for this winter holiday and I had big plans for what I would accomplish during that period. So far, I have checked off next to nothing. Nothing might even be a more accurate statement.

I’m sure in a week, when I’m back at school, this will stress me out. At the moment I’m okay with it. The past ten days have been wonderful. My husband and I went away for two days and two nights for our 20th anniversary (thanks to my parents being in town and staying with our daughters) to a wonderful B&B. We spent a wonderful Christmas Eve with my sister, her husband, and his sister’s family (including her two daughters who are 3 and 1 and completely darling). We spent Christmas Day with the entire family. Our girls created personalized Christmas gifts for the entire family. We’ve seen multiple movies with more on the agenda. Much time has been spent reading books and relaxing. It’s been fabulous.

Three generations are spending time together and it makes me so grateful. We spent Thanksgiving with my husband’s family (also three generations spending time together) and now Christmas with mine. Growing up we spent holidays with both sides of the family over the years and I loved it. My mom is one of five children and my father is one of four. As a result I had many cousins on both sides. I had three of my grandparents in my life until late in my 20s (and still have two of them now in my 40s). I’m so glad my children also have two sides of the family who they see regularly and love.

So next week, when I’m feeling stressed and unhappy about how little I accomplished, I will return here and reread this. Remind myself of how important this time with my daughters, my husband, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, how much that time matters to me.

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