Breakfast, Books, and Conversation


I caught this video one morning during breakfast. When I went back to look at it (eventually, as by the time I had time that day I’d totally forgotten it) I found so much that makes me smile.

  1. This is what my students are choosing to do during breakfast. They may have eaten and then grabbed the book or not eaten breakfast at school that morning. I don’t recall. However books and breakfast are a common combination. At least one girl has a book while she eats each morning. Others read while their friends eat and many grab books as soon as they finish breakfast. I love that they are so into reading.
  2. I love this series of books, True or False. There are a bunch of different titles and they are fantastic nonfiction books, both for reading and using as mentor texts for writing. The book they have is the one about planets, but I’ve seen kids interacting in similar ways during breakfast with many books from this series. (The right-hand page has a statement and asks if it is true or false. The next left-hand page tells if it is true or false and gives more information about that idea.)
  3. The independent talk they are doing makes my heart sing. When I recorded them I thought they might just be guessing if it was true or false, confirming, and then moving on to the next page. But they’re actually explaining their thinking to each other here. I also love that they are engaging with the book together rather than on their own. They didn’t have to do so, but talking about it is clearly adding to the experience.
  4. They aren’t just following each other. They have their own ideas and they stick with them, even if it means they’re disagreeing. They have confidence in their own thinking.
  5. This is small, but I love how the girl looks up at me and my phone early on and just goes right back to what she’s doing. They’re used to me taking pictures and video so they don’t care the way they might if it were novel. Also, the book is way more interesting than me and my camera could possibly be.

It’s amazing how a minute and a half of watching my students can make me so happy. I give them books, time to read, time to talk, and they can do anything.

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