Feeling Thankful

Thanksgiving weekend is a typical time to feel thankful but I’m not going to let being cliched stop me. I have far too much for which to be thankful for that.

  • We spent this Thanksgiving weekend with my husband’s family. From the first time I met them they welcomed me and that hasn’t changed in the more than twenty years he and I have been together. His parents, his siblings, and their significant others (all of whom joined the family after I did) are wonderful and the next generation of family (our kids’ cousins) are awesome. Marrying into a family isn’t always easy but I got really lucky.
  • Not being with my family this holiday is tough. I’d spend time with them every week if they were close enough. But my folks were able to be with my grandparents (who are 90 and 91 and live in their own home still) and other family. My sister and her significant other were able to be in Hawaii for a relaxing holiday. I’m thankful they all got something they needed this holiday.
  • I’m thankful for my current school, colleagues, students, and families. I spent a brief time in a toxic school many years ago so I am quite aware of how lucky I am to be where I am. My school is as far on the spectrum from toxic as it can possibly be.

    Of course I’m thankful to work with these awesome kiddos!

  • I’m thankful for the school in which I truly began my teaching career. A friend and former colleague referred to it as the think tank. That was definitely true. It was also a family. I am the teacher I am today because of that school and those colleagues. Many of whom are still my closest friends and forever mentors.
  • This online educational world is amazing to me. I have grown and learned and continue to do so because of the amazingly thoughtful people who take the time, energy, and risk to share themselves and their work here. I am grateful to be in this profession at this time.
  • My in-real-life educational world beyond my school is also phenomenal. I’ve been so lucky to get to know educators from around my area and around the world through the Northern Virginia Writing Project, Virginia ASCD, ASCD, and other organizations. There is so much wonderful work happening in education and I’m thankful I get to be a part of it.
  • I’ve just spent multiple nights in a hotel and hours in the car with my husband and daughters and I am still enjoying being with them. They are brilliant, caring, and hilarious. They encourage me and support me and bring me so much joy.

There are many things beyond family and work for which I’m thankful, but that’s a significant percentage of my life so I’ll stick with that at the moment.

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