More Thoughts on Flexible Seating

I wrote recently about the flexible seating in my classroom and the reasons I love it. This morning my students took a math assessment (I have many thoughts on that but will hold off for a moment) and needed space to work independently and without distractions. I gave them that direction along with the statement that two people at a table was enough. Otherwise, they were on their own. I was prepared to step in if necessary, but they all found spots with plenty of working space.

I left out one kiddo because her family has requested that I not share pictures or videos of her. She sat at a desk that sits by itself.

The kiddo who walks across briefly chose to work at our standing table. He was walking then because he decided late to take off his shoes and he had just put them on our shoe shelves. He did a lot of moving as he worked at that standing table though!

Watching them this morning reinforced my love for our flexible seating. Some kiddos have their favorite spots where they go a lot. Others work in different places all the time. It’s really fascinating to me to see.

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