Our Classroom Library is Fully Open!

A couple of times this school year I’ve written about our classroom library and having the students organize it. (Before the year began and again as we got rolling.) It took us a very, very long time, almost the first quarter of the year, but we have a fully functioning classroom library now. The kids organized all the books and made all the signs.

I’ve never had a group of kids who were such avid users of our classroom library. These kiddos come in first thing in the morning and take their book boxes to the library to return books and get new ones. They talk about the books they are reading and pass them on to each other when they finish.

These kiddos are also passionate about books. Every book I read aloud gets applause at the end and groans if we have to stop in the middle. They ask me if the authors we’re reading are on twitter and are ready to write immediately if I say yes.

It may have taken us weeks and weeks to get our library finished, but I think it was totally worth it. Here’s a video of it, in case you’re interested in how it looks now.

These pictures show a bigger picture of our library within our classroom.

This last picture is of books I’ve read aloud to my kiddos this year. In previous years this was the go to whenever they had any free time. They’d grab these books and reread them. That happens some this year, but not nearly as often as in the past. Instead, the classroom library is the primary destination.

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