A Day

Today was a day. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that the day was fully established by 7:30 am. By that hour, what today was going to be was set, couldn’t be changed. More than twelve hours later and all it’s been is more than twelve hours of that day.

It started rough because I had trouble sleeping last night. As a result, I didn’t go to the gym this morning and I got up exhausted. So I started my day super cranky (as my family will attest). The crankiness was partly due to being tired and partly due to being overwhelmed with the things I need/want to do. (I know I need to say no to things. I realized today that the things I want to say no to are required for my job or my family and saying no to them would either get me in serious trouble or make things a lot harder for someone else. The other stuff is what I want to do. Some of which is about my job and family, of course.)

I left for school earlier than I have all year because I was out on Friday and had a lot to do to prep for the week. Fortunately, my room was not a disaster. There were a few minor messes as a result of my absence, but nothing huge. That was a nice upswing for the morning.

I began the regular routine of turning on lights (slightly more complicated than typical because I have floor lights rather than use the overhead ones so I have a power strip in each corner to switch on) and emptying the dehumidifier that is still filling up every 24 hours. On the morning’s to do list was to change the water for our class fish. I did it just as I’ve done every two weeks since we got him a year ago. But today didn’t go as normal.

As I was just about to transfer the fish from his tank to the little bowl he stays in while I clean his home, he jumped out of the tank and into the sink. As he flopped around I tried to grab him (not a task that thrilled me) in order to return him to the water. Not surprisingly he was slippery and squirmy and I was not doing well. Then, I swear, he leaped up and took a nose dive down the drain.

The left bottom slot. He just dove straight down. I did not handle the situation well. In fact, I screamed obscenities in my empty classroom (and, luckily, almost completely empty school). Then I cried. Being only 7:10 am, this wasn’t a good start for the day.

Of course, one of my coping strategies is to post things on social media.

Which resulted in a friend sending me a text with this link, suggesting that #9 might make me feel better.

It did make me laugh. Which was much needed.

Anyway, it was a day. And the to do list isn’t much shorter (if at all) and the fish is still gone and I’m still cranky and it may only be 8:30 pm but it is time for me to call it and just get some sleep.

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  1. Absolutely the wrong response, but I did giggle. Just a little, but still….

    • jenorr says:

      Not wrong at all! If a day like this one can’t bring a little joy – at least to someone, if not me – then it’s a total waste. I’m hoping I’ll be giggling about it before too long. Just not there quite yet.

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