Reasons I Love My Job

One reason? This conversation with one of my third graders:

G: Do you know what next Friday is?
Me: Noooooo…I know this Friday is Field Day. (What can be more important than Field Day?)
G: It’s Friday the 13th.
Me: Oh, that’s right. One of my daughter’s friend’s has a birthday that day.
G: Oh. Well, some people say it’s when a Spanish singer died and he comes back as a ghost. Supposedly it’s really scary.
Me: I didn’t know that. But I noticed you said “some people” and “supposedly” so maybe it’s not really true.
G: Yeah, some people, like ME!


Another reason, this second grader dressed for picture day:

Another teacher remarked that she looked like she was ready for Hogwarts. Just made me love the outfit even more. And she totally rocked it.


One final reason (for the moment anyway), is that this year’s kiddos have such love for books. They groan when I put down our chapter book read aloud. We’re on our third one for the year and they’ve done it with all of them. They also clap when I finish reading a picture book. And we’ve read plenty of those! They are even encouraging when I read them a book in Spanish (because my Spanish is far from what I would like it to be). When it comes to books I feel like I have a classroom full of mini me’s.

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