Hearts and Love

On the first day of school we read this book. The photographs throughout are all of hearts found or created in surprising places. It’s beautiful. It’s also all about spreading love. Reading it didn’t take long but it’s a fun one to go back to again and again.

At least three weeks later, as my students were eating fruit for snack (our school is part of a program that provides fresh fruits and vegetables several days a week) this happened:

One girl noticed that she had taken a bite of her fruit and left a heart. She shared it with a friend who suggested she show it to me because it was like the book. Of course, then everyone wanted to make a heart in their fruit!

The original girl was so sweetly appreciative of her friend’s suggestion and her friend’s excitement. At the end of each day I’m pretty exhausted. I’m sure I’m not always as patient or kind as I should be to these eight year olds. I’m grateful to them for reminding me to spread the love.

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