Without Women…

On this Day Without A Woman I am feeling cranky. If even half the women in the country stayed home and did nothing today it would shut it all down. But we won’t. Some will and I have so much respect for them. The rest of us…We aren’t willing to do it.

At my school alone, if all the women stayed home, there would be no one to make breakfast or lunch for the kids, no one staffing the office, and fewer than ten men (if we include custodial staff) to take care of our 600+ students. For whatever reasons you want to assign us, the women at my school aren’t willing to force that to happen.

How many subways, trains, and buses would be still today if all women stayed home? Our hospitals would certainly shut down. It would be awfully tough to eat out, stop by the grocery store, or get phone calls answered at just about any business.

One of the reasons we saw an impact, however small it might have been in some areas, from the Day Without Immigrants was because businesses supported their employees. Restaurants closed for the day. Hotels gave people the day off with pay.

That’s not happening today. The expectation that our society continues as normal means that women are working today. For many, taking the day off could have had significant repercussions. (Our district certainly discouraged taking leave for today.)

I’m grateful to the women who have stepped up by stepping back today. Thank you for being willing to let balls drop in your world in order to show how important we all are. I’m sorry I’m not standing with you.


(I am quite aware that my crankiness stems from the fact that I wasn’t willing to take this day off. I am at school with my third graders today. I’ll be teaching my grad class tonight. I didn’t feel I could not do those things so I’m doing them. And I know that’s a huge factor in my crankiness. On the plus side, I’m wearing red and intend to spend no money today. Well, other than the parking garage so that I can teach tonight…)

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  1. Michaele S. says:

    You and me both, sister, in red and at work. Impacting twenty-one students and their families, and overburdening my female student teacher and my colleagues wasn’t an option for me. If only it didn’t take massive strikes and often dangerous inconvenience for constituents and those they elect to be decent human beings.

    Forced decency works, but I don’t know that it’s anything for us to be proud of as a society.

    • jenorr says:

      No kidding. I think I wanted a sense today that this movement by women was valued and I’m not sure I’ve seen that. Of course, between school and teaching a grad class tonight, I haven’t had a lot of time to see how folks responded to today….

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