Painful Not Patriotic

Today, September 11th, is being presented by many as a patriotic day. I’m having trouble seeing it that way. I will forever see it through the lens with which I experienced it (as I guess many will). My lens included the perspective of my new fourth graders, with whom I spent the day. They were a highly diverse group – ethnically, linguistically, racially, and religiously. That too may be a factor for me.

My personal preference is to not think about this day too much. It’s too painful. I prefer to pretend it’s any day, not something unique.

I won’t ever forget the day. I live and work just a few miles from the Pentagon. Thinking about it can still make my heart race. I will forever remember the fear as well as all the emergency workers (firefighters, ambulance, police, etc) who jumped in alongside others who immediately did all they could to help. My emotions about this day are complicated and mixed.

If you are interested, I have written about my students and how we coped with September 11th together. I wrote in 2011 and again in 2012.

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