Vacation Bonus (for a teacher, at least)

This summer we took a serious family vacation – it actually felt like three vacations. We started with four days in the mountains in New Mexico with extended family to celebrate my grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary. From there we spent a week on a road trip, just the four of us. We went to Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and Grand Canyon. We finished the trip with a week in San Francisco, visiting my sister and brother-in-law. Every bit of the trip was wonderful.

The last night of our road trip took us through Los Angeles and we were lucky enough to have dinner and spend the evening with Gary Stager, Sylvia Martinez, Audrey Watters, and Kin Lane. As my husband and I are both educators, this couldn’t have been better.

In San Francisco I was lucky enough to visit Brightworks, the school Gever Tulley started several years ago (thanks to my awesome kid sister). I’ve long wanted to see the actual school (even if I had to do it during the summer when no kiddos were there). Gever generously gave us a tour of the school and then sat down with me for quite a while to talk about the structure and beliefs behind Brightworks. Again, absolutely wonderful.

In the hours spent with those five brilliant educators there were many wonderful conversations. One name came up multiple times with all of these folks, Seymour Papert. If you aren’t familiar with his work, definitely worth checking him out. Papert has long been a mentor for so many people I respect and admire. Recently some other friends shared this piece from Papert with me. The deeper I dig into Papert’s work the more I have to think. And that’s a good thing.

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  1. suevanhattum says:

    I dedicated Playing with Math to Papert. You do know about his injury?

    • jenorr says:

      I do know. Somehow I missed, however, that you had dedicated the book to him. How did I miss that? Clearly I was too excited to get into the meat of the book to pay attention to the dedication. Sheesh.

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