I Do Truly Love My Job

I’m sure it hasn’t been clear lately, but I genuinely love my job. Honestly, lately, it hasn’t even been totally clear to me. Today brought it back for me. Thankfully.

My students are fabulous. Even the ones that drive me insane at times are fabulous. They are curious. They are hilarious. Their faces are exceptionally expressive and delightful to watch. They work hard and play hard. They talk and listen and talk some more. I am thrilled to spend my days with them.

This afternoon I had a conference with a parent (and the girl’s older sibling). I love talking with parents and families. Hearing their perspectives on their child and the stories they can tell gives me such insight and, as an added bonus, is fun. Sharing with them about their child in class, especially when I don’t have concerns about the child, is such a privilege. I am grateful to the families for trusting their children to me. I am blessed.

After the parent conference I headed out a ways to a middle school to present to a class of teachers (from kindergarten up to high school) about writing and audience. I’ve done this presentation a dozen times and I love it. I love sharing the research and my students’ writing. I love hearing from other teachers about their students and their thoughts on these ideas. At the end of our time, one of the younger teachers came and talked to me. She said, “I’m shaking! I’m so motivated to teach writing right now!”

Today was a very full day. It was full of students, families, and teachers. These are my favorite people in the world. Spending a day with them gives me hope for where we are going. I’m sure there will be more of me writing about the challenges and frustrations. Those haven’t gone away. But today gave me hope and I need to hang on to it.

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  1. Your presentation inspired me so much! I always love getting a chance to chat with you too!!! Thank you for your time and your humor and wisdom and for being YOU! 🙂

  2. Mary McNamee says:

    Thank you for sharing and celebrating your joy. We create hope together and will be constructing our “yellow brick road” together. “We are the dreamers of dreams…and the makers of music!” Keep smiling, Jen! We must stay focused on what great things we do to make a difference in the lives of our brilliant children.

  3. Personally, I think it’s my love for my work and my students that cause my frustrations (and joys) to sit so close to the surface. It’s been an interesting year with a roller coaster of emotion. And yet, even on the days when I wish I’d chosen to be an archeologist rather than a teacher, I know my frustration stems from my passion for those boys and my love of reading, writing, and learning. Thanks for sharing the highs and lows, Jennifer. It’s honest. It’s true. And it helps me remember I’m not alone in the struggle to do right by my kids and their families.

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