What was your favorite part of today?

This year I’ve been trying to be sure we have something of a closing circle each day. It’s easy for dismissal to be chaotic and for us all to leave discombobulated. Some days we gather and just say goodbye to each other and some days we manage to really reflect on our day in some way. Sometimes we set a goal for the next day, sometimes we share something we were proud of from our day. One day, we all shared our favorite parts of the day. I expect that to be a list of play times, which would be just fine. But I will admit to being grateful to hear them talk about other parts of our day so positively. Here’s the list from a recent day:

playground (4 times)
quiet time
playing (2 times)
todo (Spanish for everything)
movie (an alphabet video we watch sometimes)

My favorite part is too hard to choose. It changes regularly because the kids determine it for me. They make my days so amazing.

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  1. I love the idea of having some circle/reflection time at the end of the day. Our day is always so filled with busyness that we just don’t find enough time to reflect like we should. A bi-product of this gathering might also be that you are growing joy and happiness in your classroom. I think that’s important. Kudos.

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