One Way to Have Kids Reflect

We still have many weeks to go until the end of our school year, but I know that many schools are closer to the end – much closer. If that’s true for you, congratulations. Also, I’ve got an option for you to have your kiddos reflect on their year. I’ve mentioned it before, but it seems appropriate at this point in the year. My oldest, currently a fifth grader, created a site she titled, How WE Feel.

Thanks to another teacher I met at the White House Teacher Appreciation Social, she is going to be adding to it soon (maybe tomorrow). He suggested including the arts, which she (and I) agree is brilliant.

Anyway, if you have a few free minutes as you near the end, this might be a great way to have students think back on their year (or on multiple years) and share how they are feeling about school.

As an added bonus, it would make my daughter’s day.


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