Update to What Am I Doing Wrong

I woke up this morning with my heart racing. I dreamed that I took a few of my first graders on an overnight field trip (something I can’t imagine doing! more power to those of you who do). On that trip, two of my students died. Just before I woke up I was explaining to my principal what happened. Except I could only remember what happened to one of them. I was going crazy trying to remember what happened to the other. Even in my dream I remember thinking, “Someone will know what happened to him. I’m sure someone can explain this.” I woke up and kept trying to remember what happened. (I’m not sure I ever actually knew. Ah, dreams.)

I mentioned this to a couple of my teammates this morning and they were quite concerned for me. Later, when they learned about my little one who had the allergic reaction yesterday, one of them said to me, “That’s why you had that dream. You sent home field trip forms yesterday and a kid left in an ambulance. No wonder you dreamed that.” Thank goodness for her! I felt so much better.

I don’t typically think too much about my dreams. But something like this is hard to ignore or just sluff off. Whew.


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